After updating my Windows 10 to 1903 VMware Workstation 14 stopped working. It is a known issue since the release of 1903. VMware hasn’t released a patch for it and the Windows updater points to and seems to be promoting upgrading to version 15. Although there are many workaround hints available, I for one do not want to mess about with uninstalling and blocking some windows update packages. So I went ahead and got the upgrade license and went on to update it. That didn’t go as smooth as I would have expected.

As it turns out the installer for VMware Workstation 15 Pro(VMware-workstation-full-15.5.0-14665864.exe) in my case had a small issue where it wouldn’t install. When running the installer it always prompted me that “In order to finish installing VC redist”, I need to reboot my computer. Well did that the first time the installer asked me to press “Yes” and reboot, after that the message still came up, tried it one more time and then it still persisted. After that I just went ahead and downloaded vc_redist.x64.exe via Microsoft’s support site and installed it manually. After doing that Workstation installer worked like a charm and had no more issues.