In F5 BigIP LTM devices to see the connections table there is the “tmsh show sys connection”  command which would print out the entire connection table. To get more specific results it has the following parameters available for filtering:

age connection-id cs-client-addr cs-client-port cs-server-addr cs-server-port protocol ss-client-addr ss-client-port ss-server-addr ss-server-port type

cs-* parameters are relating to the connections on the external side of your load balancer in F5 terms the client-side. To see a single clients connections to your device you could issue the following command:

tmsh show sys connection cs-client-addr

Which would produce the following output in my case:

Sys::Connections  tcp  213  (tmm: 0)  none

Total records returned: 1

The out put show’s that the client with the IP address is connected to the Virtual Server running on the IP address and port 443 and the connection it self has been sent’t to the back end server with the IP address

Lets say you have disabled that node in your LB but the client is still connected to that server and want to remove the client’s connection so it would be sent to a new resource pool member you can remove the connection with the following command:

tmsh delete sys connection cs-client-addr cs-server-addr cs-server-port 443

You could get even more specific on the connection you want to delete based on the other parameters available like cs-client-port,etc that were mentioned in the beginning.